Friday, 23 August 2013

A Writer's Journey


I'm happy to have two new posts for this issue of A Writer's Journey. Above, funny lady Melodie Campbell, gives her take on those author typos that plague us all. Melodie is the author of the Lands End series, a humorous spoof on the bodice ripper novels of yesteryear. If you need a chuckle for a lazy afternoon, check out her books through the links below. I thoroughly enjoyed Rowena Through the Wall, the first book in the series. I have the new titles on my Kobo for later enjoyment. The series follows Rowena's adventures as she is catapulted back into history. Definitely a bodice-ripper that redefines the term. Plus, check out Melodie's The Goddaugher.

And I managed to persuade my friend and favorite cat lady, Lynne Ware, to write a column for this issue of Catamania. Lynne and her TNR buddy, Beth, are the local cat-nabbing gurus. Of course, it's all in a good cause, even when you have to get down and dirty to round up feral cats so they can be spayed or neutered and returned to their colonies. Lynne has found herself in a number of interesting positions as she tries to capture feisty cats and kittens.

MEA CULPA: As for the new chapter of Candle Without A Flame, my apologies, it is on hold. Chapter Three will be published in the September issue of A Writer's Journey. What's the problem? Apart from stressing out, I am in the middle of chaos--getting ready for a move from a house into an apartment. I have moved many times in my life so should be used to it, but perhaps age is catching up with me. The effort of downsizing, filling a trillion boxes with stuff to give away and others to take, and trying to do too many things at once, was impossible. So I had to give precedence to the move and put my muse on hold. I promise I will be back on track as soon as possible. I have left Chapter Two below for new readers, Of course, all chapters so far are in the archives on the sidebar. Meanwhile enjoy Catamania and Melodie's guest post. 

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